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Self Assessment

If you’d like, take a quick self assessment so we know where you are in your business

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Taking Action

GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox for decision making and action planning for startup and growth companies.

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5 Disciplines of Marketing

The 5 Disciplines of Marketing is a program to teach small businesses how to dramatically improve their marketing.

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Transitions and Business Exits

Business owners, sellers, and buyers receive a customized business value, improvement and exit/transition plan in just days.


We needed better on-time deliveries and a transition to a shop supervisor setting. Thames Management Resources helped us achieve both. Thames and Brian McIntyre are great resources for us. They have manufacturing experience, so there is empathy and insight throughout our conversations.
“I worked closely with Brian McIntyre during a business case study for an industrial laundry project the Rockford Housing Authority was contemplating. The deliverable produced by Thames Management Resources, LTD has been essential in advancing discussions with partners and investors. Without the quality of technical and financial content the case for advancing this business opportunity wouldn’t have been made.”
We have streamlined expenses, leading to a 41 percent increase in profits. We fully attribute the increase to tools we learned through the ‘Build It Grow It’ program and working with Thames. We’ll be able to use the the extra funds to improve our equipment and set us apart from our competition.”


The experience you need...and trust...In partnership with Thinker Ventures, Wood CPA's, and Mondek Solutions

Brian McIntyre

Founder and president
Brian has run several small businesses in distribution, services and manufacturing over a 30-year career as well as operated an Illinois small business development center. He specializes in helping you know your numbers better.

Jennifer Wood

Certified Public Accountant and small business owner
Jennifer worked at several leading accounting firms before launching her own five years ago. She specializes in discovering financial and accounting opportunities that can save business tens of thousands.

Matt Mondek

Certified Professional Engineer and small business owner
Matt is a certified engineer who has run a range of manufacturing companies over his 40-year career. He specializes in helping you run your operations more efficiently.

Jason Todd

Master of Modern Marketing, tech guru, and small business owner
Founder of Thinker Ventures, a business development firm in Rockford. Whether it’s through branding, design, software, strategy or development, Jason helps companies launch and grow.