A winter movie list for entrepreneurs

Thames Management Resources is based in Illinois – so we have our days and weeks where you just have to hunker down and wait out sub-zero temperatures and many, many inches of snow.

This was one of those weeks and what’s better to talk about when stuck indoors than movies? Lifehack.org sent out a list last week that should interest any business owner – “10 movies you need to watch to be more successful.”

  1. Fight Club – how to free yourself from the shackles of modern life to risk being great.
  2. Pumping Iron – how to capture the power of self-belief.
  3. The Secret – how to improve your life by changing your mental attitude.
  4. The Social Network – how to feel deserving of success.
  5. Yes Man – how to be open to opportunities.
  6. Limitless – how to stop procrastinating.
  7. The Wolf of Wall Street – how to aim for finer things.
  8. The Words – how to do the best with what you have.
  9. In Pursuit of Happyness – how to not allow circumstances destroy your dreams.
  10. Good Will Hunting – how to trust in your own competence.

I’m not the biggest movie guy. I’ve watched four of the 10 so I have some catching up to do. A movie that should be added to the list is Ocean’s Eleven. That movie perfectly illustrates how to work together as a team, delegate and deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Have a happy winter.

— Brian McIntyre

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