January 6, 2017


What we do…

We provide transition and advisory services that drive successful change management.  Transitions can encompass many things.   Our projects typically involve preparing a business for sale, major acquisitions / expansions,  or new market entries.

How you will benefit…

Apart from the financial benefits, our clients find renewed focus on things they value most such as family, work, and friends. Importantly, the path you choose to take your business will be defined and articulated after our intensive, collaborative efforts.

Our clients typically see a payback of less than one year.

How we work…

Our goal is to ensure the transition you undertake for your business is successful; and is executed in the manner you desire.

Our experienced executive team will review your organization’s current status related to strategic planning, succession planning, and exit strategy.  We then work with the management and existing advisory teams to identify gaps and develop a plan of action.

Our scope is tailored to each client and may include business valuations, program development, conflict resolution, organizational development, executive coaching, and more. We structure for effective change and oversight while developing the organization’s existing teams to manage and sustain growth.

Is your organization ready?

Organizations that derive the most benefit fall into two groups: those that have not yet developed a cohesive group of advisors, and those that are looking to prosperously exit their business – and do not know how. In these two situations, our ability to see and act on opportunities from the outside creates immediate value.

We accept only 5-6 clients in this program every 12 months.  Our optimal client:

  • is privately held
  • has annual revenues between $5 – $25 million
  • desires purposeful transition or oversight

Next Step…

We find it best to learn more about your business and determine if we’re a good fit.  Contact us for a brief, no-hassle introductory meeting.  Call Brian McIntyre at (815) 540-7407 or send an email to info@thames-venture.com